The Santosha Forum

A discussion forum where you can share your thoughts, ideas, best practices

with all the other Santosha users.

This is a platform created by Isha Foundation to exclusively connect with all Isha Meditators online. In an endeavour to bring all our volunteers together under one roof to connect, discover skills and contribute in various ways to realize Sadhguru’s vision of one drop of spirituality to all.

  • How can I benefit from this Forum ?
    This forum provides us opportunities to discover the skills of our volunteers and engage with them in various activities in Isha, to connect with fellow meditators to learn, share and inspire through our ideas and thoughts, to contribute to different activities both in person or via online from wherever we are in our own capacities.
  • How can I contribute to this Forum ?
    The simplest way to contribute to this forum is to build your complete profile by filling up all the details asked such as your skills, work experience, areas you would like to volunteer using which our coordinators can reach out to you and engage in activities that can make use of your talents in an effective way.
    If you have not done it yet, you can always click on ‘Edit Profile’ and update each of the information listed under that page.
    Participate in many discussions here and take part in tasks posted in the forum.
  • How can I start a new discussion ?
    You can start a new discussion in the forum by clicking on the button. Please give as much details as possible while starting a discussion so that people can contribute, this can be achieved by making use of the description box to key in more details. Also, note that all the discussion posts will be going through a moderation before being posted into the forum for others to view.
  • Can anyone start a discussion ? Will someone monitor what's being asked in the discussion ?
    Yes, anyone can start a discussion in the forum. A team of volunteers as moderators will review each of the discussions posted in the forum for appropriateness of language, content, relevance and usefulness for everybody in the forum. If required, the moderator will reach out to you to refine the discussion posted by you.
  • Can we suggest a new feature to the forum ?
    Yes, we would like to hear from you to provide inputs or features that can enhance the forum and make it more beneficial for everybody. Please to suggest new features to the forum.
  • What are the different ways to engage in the forum?
    One can engage in this forum in many ways, some of which are:
    • You can get trained in different volunteering options based on your interests and skills. Eg: Training under video editing, image editing, providing subtitles, voice over for videos, translation, digital media volunteering, watching videos & providing feedback, meme creation etc.
    • Watch out for events where we shall stream special Sadhguru videos exclusive to volunteers and meditators in this forum.
    • By actively participating in the discussions and volunteering for the online tasks posted in the forum.
  • How to protect my personal details in this forum ?
    Please note that all your personal details are safe and secured in this forum, only name and center name will be visible for others.
  • What if someone misused my ishangam profile by knowing my login details ?
    Please bring this to the attention of the forum team by contacting your “Isha Connect Volunteer” and immediately reset your email account password since this is an email single sign on application.
  • What can I do if any of the pre populated data are wrong in my profile ?
    Please use the ‘Edit Profile’ option to update the profile. However the program information cannot be edited, in case if you have done the program and its not showing up in your profile then please reach out to the “Isha Connect Volunteer”.
  • How can I delete my account if I don't want to be a part of this forum ?
    For whatever reason if you don't want to be part of this forum, you can logout from the app. Please contact “Isha Connect Volunteer” to deactivate their profile.
  • Who all get to see my posts in the forum ?
    All the discussions posted in the forum can be viewed and replied by all the meditators in the forum.
  • Is there a way to share the discussion posts from this forum to my social media profiles ?
    No, this forum is dedicated only for Isha Meditators hence please do not share the posts anywhere else.
  • How can we sign up individually in the forum if all my family members have registered using the same email id or phone number?
    In such a case, one can approach their “Isha Connect Volunteer” and share the individual’s phone number and email ID with them to facilitate profile creation in the forum based on their center/region.
  • Can we ask practice related doubts in the discussion ?
    Yes, practice related questions will be handled by the Ishangas. One has to ensure that they refrain from replying to discussions involving in practice related queries unless they are an Ishanga.
  • What can I do if I see an inappropriate reply or false information shared in the discussions ?
    Please use the option to report any false or inappropriate answers or replies. Moderation team would get into action to review the content and take appropriate action as deemed fit.